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I'm Okay... is now online!

"Quirky and memorable with a hilarious performance from the lead" - One-Reeler Short Film Competition


Latest News

July 2023

The Jameses had forgotten when they entered their short film into the Close: Up San Francisco Short Film Festival, that the entry fee included a review of their film. They had entered over a year ago, and forgot about it after their film was not selected for the festival. Then suddenly just before the end of July this lovely review showed up in their inbox. They absolutely agree with their final statements, because they had never initially intended it to be for film festival viewing, so are the first to admit the film quality was low, but that was also part of the point for them. They wanted it to be a simple story, that didn't provide the meaning of life. It was a fun escape for them, and they made it to simply entertain the audience in the few minutes that it ran, so that everyone could have as much fun as possible during that time. And they are SO happy their review seems to indicate that was the case!

November 2022

The results came in for the final film festival the Jameses entered I'm Okay... in - the Berlin based FilmHaus.The film was a nominee in the Best Comedy and Best New Media categories, and a finalist in the Best Directorial Debut category.

August/September 2022

I'm Okay... won an Honorable Mention Award in the Seattle Film Summit! The Jameses were so happy to win an award in one of the local festivals in their current hometown. Plus. they had a virtual showcase for all the award winners, so they all had one day in September on the 15th, when their film was screening on their website all day for their festival audience to see. SO the Jameses not only won a local award, but also got seen online by the local audiences! They were over the moon! Red is meanwhile still negotiating his new fee!

May 2022

This arrived in the mail. The Jameses couldn't resist getting a trophy when the Cannes Shorts Film Festival offered. They figured it would be nice to commemorate their first ever official Best Actor award. Not to mention, it is fun being able to say they won the award from a festival in Cannes. They will rotate the trophy between each of their personalities. (Red is still waiting for his trophy!)

May 2022

The Jameses won Best Actor for I'm Okay... in the Cannes Shorts Film Festival!!! While it is not THE Cannes, it is very nice to be able to say they won a Best Actor award in a festival based in Cannes!

May 2022

I'm Okay... won two awards in the Best Actor & Director Awards - New York. The Jameses won a Silver Award in the Best Actor in a Comedy category, and the film also won a Bronze Award in the Best 1st Time Director category! The Jameses were thrilled to win awards from their previous home base.

April 2022

I'm Okay... was nominated  for two awards in the Lonely Wolf International Film Festival in London. The film ended up in the top 10 for the Best Lockdown Film category, and in the top 20 for the Best Comedy category! It was nice to add the United Kingdom to the festival list.

April 2022

I'm Okay... was a semi-finalist in the Seattle Movie Awards. The Jameses are very happy the film was considered by the local movie awards in their current home.

January 2022

I'm Okay... won another award!It received a Special Mention Award in the One-Reeler Short Film Competition. Not only that! One of the judges for the competition gave us a great quote: "Quirky and memorable with a hilarious performance from the lead"

November 2021

I'm Okay... finally had its first festival screenings as an official selection in the FlickFair On-Demand Film Festival! You could view The Jameses' film (or Red's film, if you ask him!) throughout the month of November. It was great to be selected and have a full month of online festival screenings available!

December 2021

On December 24th I'm Okay... was finally released online for the world to see. To visit the video page itself, you can go to https://youtu.be/5A9ZzYkeKIk. Please feel free to share the video anywhere and with anyone. All the Jameses would love the attention, as would Kiwi & Woolly - not to mention Red, who is already preparing his Oscar speech!

October 2021

I'm Okay... won another award! This time it is a Special Mention Award from the Global Shorts International Short Film Competition. This was from another direct contact from the festival, asking to include I'm Okay... in the competition. The Jameses are thrilled with the response to their very uncomplicated, comic little film.

October 2021

I'm Okay... was selected as a semi-finalist in the September round of the Vancouver Independent Film Festival.

September 2021

After seeing the film listed as an award winner on the Best Shorts Competition website,  the FlickFair On-Demand Film Festival invited I'm Okay... as an official selection for their festival, so I'm Okay... had some screenings online in November!

September 2021

The Jameses won an Award of Merit in the Actor: Leading category in the Best Shorts Competition!

September 2021

I'm Okay... won an Award of Recognition in the Film Short category in the Best Shorts Competition.

June/July 2021

The Jameses had BuzzFlick design the logo for Kiwi & Woolly Productions, inspired by the two cast members in the film. This also included a little opening sequence for just the logo, which you can watch above, with vocals provided by Kiwi & Woolly. That was the final piece required for editing, and the film was done. Time to start submitting to festivals!

May/June 2021

The Jameses reached out to another friend from their Wellington days in New Zealand, Will Earl, who put together a great opening sequence for the film, which includes the flying biplane above. The opening also includes music specifically composed for the film by Thomas Thorogood, who did the music for another film the Jameses worked on down in Christchurch.

March 2021

The Jameses very talented friend in Auckland, New Zealand, Natasya Yusoff, created a series of great posters for I'm Okay... that nicely capture the craziness of this little comedy. Plus Kiwi & Woolly were very happy to be included on them as well. Red was not so happy that he was left off, so he got his own page on the website instead! You can check out The Red Series here!

November 2020

James spent two weeks quarantining in this room, after arriving in New Zealand to spend time with his family, and after a week of just himself for company, the Jameses were born - or at least unleashed upon the world. Using the only film equipment handy, their good ol' iPhone, the Jameses created I'm Okay... and the rest is history!